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Bubble (バブル Baburu) is the main mascot in Candy Pretty Cure. He ends his sentices with "~~Bobble" ("~~バブル" "~~ Baburu").

Appearance      []

Bubble is a pale blue lop rabbit with slightly darker blue tuft of hair and ear accent coloring. His eyes are mauve, and on top of her head is a light red bow to match the ribbon around his neck, held with a gold medallion.

Personality           []

Bubble is very arrogant because of his status as a chosen warrior. Because of this, he always expects the best of everything and to be respected by others. Due to how he often criticizes or taunts Medi, the two of them argue a lot while he feels no regret. Due to both having a temper and stubborn personalities, they instantly deny any accusations that they are like each other.