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Kira☆Kira Pretty Cure (キラ☆キラプリキュア Kira ☆ kirapurikyua) is the next gen of Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode. It is a Japanese magical girl anime series produced by Toei Animation and the unofficial installment to the Pretty Cure series. It is directed and written by CureFelice12. The main motifs for the season are sweets and animals.



Kaede Sachiko (楓幸子 Kaede Sachiko) is a cheerful second year middle school student who loves sweets. Despite failing all the time, Sachiko still has confidence in sweet decorating. She has a skill for being able to make animal sweets. She transforms into Cure Donat (キュアドナートKyuadonāto), she is basted off rabbits and donats.

Hoshi Yuki (星恵香 Hoshi hōkō) is a sweet second year middle school student who love decorating sweets. She consider's it like an art. She transforms into Cure Tasty (おいしい治療 Oishī chiryō), she basted off cats and sweets.

Taruto Minori (タルトゥミノリ Taruto~uminori) is a active second year middle school student. She is very acrobatics and very playful. She loves eating sweets. She transforms into Cure Tart (キュアタート Kyuatāto), is basted off monkeys and tarts.

Besto Atsuko (ベスト・アツコ Besuto Atsuko) is a quiet second year middle school student who likes perfect things. She likes doing everything perfect. She transforms into Cure Paste (キュアペースト Kyuapēsuto), she is basted of wolfs and pastes.

Etsuko Ayako (アヤコエツコ Ayakoetsuko) is a loyal second year middle school student who loves helping others. She likes sweets too so wen Sachiko invites her to the passtier she saws yes. She transforms into Cure Crepe (キュアクレープ Kyuakurēpu), she is basted off dogs and crepes.


Kazuko (カズコ Kazuko) is a chubby fairy who loves sweets. She rather spoiled and always seems to be hungry. Depending on her moods, her ears change color and she can feel the scent of energy called "Kirakiraru" which resides in sweets.


Minor Characters[]



Ichikozaka (いちご坂 Ichigozaka) - The town that the Cures live in.

KiraKira Patisserie (キラキラパティスリー Kirakira Patisurī) - The cafe that the Cures work at. Often shortened to "KiraPati".


  • This is the first next gen serie to have the same locations as the first serie.


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