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Lolly (ロリー Rorī) is dog-like fairy, one of the two main mascots in Happiness Pretty Cure. She along side with Gummy came to earth to search for the Pretty Cures to help them in collecting the Miracle Charms, in order to restore the World of Deserts. Lolly ends her  sentences with "~loly" and usually refers to herself in third-person.

Appearance  []

Lolly has white fur with two curly pink ears held with light pink bows. Her eyes are light blue, with pink markings in the shape of heart near her eyes. Her arms and legs are stubby, and she has a frilled pink collar around her neck. Her tail is pink and curly, like her ears.

Personality   []

Lolly is very girly and likes fashion. She also likes to dress herself up, and style her ears in different fashions. She can be also a bit strict about  Emi and the girls' status as Pretty Cures. She can be a bit childish, and can get easily scared when saddened. She doesn't know the human world very well.

Etymology  []

Lolly- Lolly is type of a candy made from sugar and flavorings, which is sold to children.