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Lucky Pretty Cure (ラッキープリキュア Rakkīpurikyua) is a fanmade Pretty Cure made by User:CureFelice12. The story is about a group of girls who have the ability to transform into Pretty Cure. The main themes of this serie are flowers. 

Characters       []

Pretty Cure []

Kaneko Sakura (金子さくら Kaneko sakura) is one main character in Lucky Pretty Cure. She is cheerrful, funny and a little bit clumsy. She likes flowers and she wants to ba a flowerist wen she grows up. She transfrms into cure rose. Her main color is pink.

Sakai Himari (酒井ひまり Sakai himari) is one of the main characters in Lucky Pretty Cure. She is a smart and loyal girl she is Sakura s best friend sinc childhood. She likes karate. She transforms into cure lucky. Her main color is blue.

Chiba Yua (千葉ユア Chiba yua) is one of the main characters in Lucky Pretty Cure. She is very kind and loving. She likes fashion and wants to be a model wen she grows up. She transforms into cure lily.Her main color is orange.

Tamura Ren (タムラ・レン Tamura ren) is one of the main characters in  Lucky Pretty Cure. She is very energic and always gets excitet. She just like Sakura likes flowers. She transforms into cure violet. Her main color is purple. Seno Belle (セノベル Senoberu) in the last member to join Lucky Pretty Cure. She is a geinius flowerist and is also a fairy named Bloom (咲く Saku) Following her dream of becoming a Pretty Cure, she likes making everyone happy with flowers.

Mascots []

Lilli (リリ Riri) is a young fairy that comes from the world of flowers. She ends her sentences with ~Lili.

Villains []

Destractor King is a badguy that wants to destroi flowers and dreams.

Destroi is a monster summond by the villains. 

Items           []

Lucky Pact is the item Cures use to transform. Lucky Comun is what Cures use to comunicat with each other. Lucky Stick is the Cures main wepon.

Locations        []

Sendai is the city where Kaneko Sakura, Sakai Himari, Chiba Yua and Tamura Ren live in. Sendai Middle School is where the Cures atend the school. World Of Flowers is where Momo and Cherry come from.

Gallery []