Mekayoka Ikumi (メイカヨカいみみ Meikayoka imi mi) is one of the main Cures in Happiness Pretty Cure.While being a little bit of a shy girl, she is good at sympathizing with others, and will always keep a promise. She loves acting and drawing mangas. Her theme color is yellow. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Act (治療法 Chiryō-hō).

Appearance [edit | edit source]

Ikumi has golden eyes, and short yellow hair.  For school she wears a yellow cardigan. Casually she wears a goldenrod apron-style dress over a pale yellow with short sleeves This is paired with dark orange shoes. 

Personality [edit | edit source]

Ikumi is a shy girl that loves to act and draw manga's. When their lives were put it danger, she completely shed her baby-ish personality and showed her true strengths.

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