Miki Hinata (ヒナタミキ Hinata Miki) is one of the main characters in Sparkle Twin Pretty Cure. She is a 12 year old and has a quiet personality. She is the opiside of Mika. She is very good at studies and the first of her class. She is part of the science club. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Shine (キュアシャイン Kyuashain). Her main color is blue.


As Miki she has to blue long twin ponytales. Her eye color is pink. She always keeps a red clip with a heart shape. She usually wears a white and blue t-shirt with a little blue bow in the top. She also wears a blue fluffy skirt with a big dark blue bow in her back. On the bottom she wears dark blue shoes with a dark purple heart shape on them. She wears her shoes with fluffy white socks. As Cure Shine her eyes stay the same, but her hair gets lighter and longer. Her red clip is replacet with a big blue sparkling bow. She wears a blue idol dress with a big blue bow in top and a other big blue bow in the back. her dress is fluffy and has three main colors dark blue, blue and teal blue. On the bottom she wears dark blue flaps with light blue socks.

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