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Mori Amane (森あまね Mori amane) is one of the main Cures in Happiness Pretty Cure.  A unusually passionate girl who loves making others laugh. In school, she is part of the soccer team. Her theme color is red. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Passionate (キュートな情熱 Kyūtona jōnetsu). She is the second member to join.

Appearance []

Amane has maroon eyes and short hair worn in two little ponytails. Her bangs are mostly brushed to the left with a few clips,while the opposite side is a few inches shorter. With her school uniform she wears a orange sweater around her waist. Casually Amane wears an orange  sweater denim pants, and dark red flats with brown sole. For summer she switches to a goldenrod tank-top over an orange T-shirt and puffed shorts, tan shoes.

Personality []

Amane is a passionate girl who loves making others laugh. She is very good at sports especially soccer. The first impression she gives is that of the class jokester, always full of puns and jokes to make her classmates laugh. She is very popular at school. Amane is very loyal to her friends. She would do anything to protect her friends.


Cure Passionate []

"Passionate love! Cure Passionate!"

情熱的な愛! キュアパスナンテ!

Jōnetsu-tekina ai!Kyuapasunante!

Amane's alter ego is Cure Passionate ( キ ュ ア Kashin purikyua ).