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Suzuki Emi (鈴木恵美 Suzuki Emi) is the leader of the Cures in the Happiness Pretty Cure. She is a cheerful and energetic girl who loves making others happy. Although she is a scatterbrain and often gets flustered easily, she has the determination to get what she wants and is seldom unhappy. She is optimistic and is  fun to have around. Her catchphrase is "I'm so Happy!!" (私はとても幸せだ!! Watashi wa  totemo shiawaseda! !). Her theme color is pink.  Emi's Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Pinky  (キュアピンキー  Kyuapinkī). She is the group leader.

Appearance []

Emi has magenta medium-length hair worn in a ponytail held by a pink bow Her bangs are split into two sections. Her eyes match her hair color. Her school uniform is worn normally. Her casual clothes consist of wearing a pink shirt with a dark pink heart in the middle with a two layered miniskirt, one layer pale pink, the secondary a dark pink, pink shoes with white toe, sole, and laces and a pale pink cuff. During summer, however, she switches to a pale pink frilly piece with fuchsia lining and a ribbon tied around the chest, with white fabric on the shoulders.

Personality []

Emi is a cheerful and energetic girl who loves making others happy  She is always happy and optimistic, making her seem very naive. Simple things such as eating cake can make her happy, and she is fond of using the phrase "I'm so Happy!!" (私はとても幸せだ!! Watashi wa totemo shiawaseda! !). She is also extremely unreserved, openly asking Aoi and Amane to become Pretty Cure with her. She often openly proclaims her love for her friends, announcing that she really likes Mei.



Cure Pinky[]

"The Pink Color of Love! Cure Pinky!"

愛のピンクの色! キュアピンキー!
Ai no pinku no iro! Kyuapinkī!

Emi's PreCure alter ego is Cure Pinky (キュアピンキー Kyuapinkī). She is the firs to transform and she is the leader.


Pinky Shower (ピンキーシャワー Pinkīshawā) is the firs attack ever used by Cure Pinky.


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